Workflow UX to UI


Next up I'll share with you step by step how's the creative process to work with me.


Step 1

Brief & Estimation

Here we define and clarify the scope of your project, what are your business needs and how much time will take, here also, we define the budget and some special conditions and terms if necessary.

Step 2

Kick Off

After estimating, finally comes the stage of starting the project firmly after having a total agreement of what the project will cost, will take in time and other conditions; At this stage a initial payment (Usually 50% of the total price) is made.

Step 3

IA & Wireframes

In this stage, I'll be gathering and reviewing your project information. This is mandatory to avoid possible changes in the deliverables in the future, in example: A change in a web site design because the text received is longer than the designed one. Also, will be designing and structuring this content in high or low fidelity wireframes.

Step 4

Feedback & Feedback

This is a very important stage because I'll listening your general opinions about what's done until now.

Step 5

Usability Testing & Validation

Here I'll be checking if everything is done correctly and it will be 100% usable by people / customers and users, we carry out design tests and verifications with different people and take notes of their comments.

Step 6

Interaction & UI Design

Let's do it! Here everything previously analyzed and created comes to life completely, I'll make the complete and almost final designs of the project, performing constants feedback sessions just to make sure everything is OK and on track.

Step 7

Client deliverables

Finally, after finishing all the designs assets and being validated, I'll will deliver the assets in what form, document or type you need.

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